Creating a WordPress website is quite vital as a creative artist or designer. With a WordPress site, you can always showcase your creative works online, and you will need the best offer of a customizable theme to design in a distinctive pattern.

However, it can be sometimes hard to find a theme that showcases your creativity as an artist. That’s why this article presents some of the best WordPress themes which can be used for an artist’s website.

Building an Artist WordPress Website

Creating a WordPress site as an artist is probably one of the simplest things you can do. This primarily due to the freedom and flexibility WordPress sites offer. With WordPress, there is no need to build your Website with complex code. To build an intuitive WordPress site as an artist, all you need do is take the following steps;

  • To ensure you are using the right platform for website building. Your best take is to use WordPress, which gives access to all features of WordPress.
  • You can then sign-up for a hosting account and make sure you do a domain name. In this case, you can consider using a hosting platform like Bluehost or Siteground, that offers broad server coverage.
  • Install WordPress and start running it.
  • On the last note, you are required to install a WordPress theme, as this gives the basics of arranging and designing your website.

The Best WordPress Themes for Artists

1. Astra

The Astra WordPress theme is a mobile responsive WordPress theme that supports WordPress sites on different mobile devices. It is a multi-purpose theme more suited for use by any artist. As a unique feature, Astra Gutenberg custom blocks and templates you can install when customizing your WordPress site. On the overall, the theme is embedded with varieties of custom widgets, sidebars, and different page templates.

2. Breakthrough Pro

Breakthrough is a WordPress theme built on the Genesis theme framework and comes with the right amount of color codes for minimalist website design. The theme comes with a built-in WooCommerce to support e-commerce stores. With such an e-commerce store, artists can sell their artworks online. This theme requires minimal installation and set-up when needed for use.

3. Neve

This is a highly customizable and mobile responsive WordPress theme suitable for use by creative professionals such as photographers, artists, and others like art stores. Its support for e-commerce allows artists to portray and sell their artworks quickly through the WordPress platform. As a flexible and customizable theme, it will enable you to choose your style, color, headers, and so on to build your Artistic WordPress site.

4. Indigo

Indigo is a WordPress theme suited for use by artist, and it generously offers easy to use modules. Using this module is quite easy, thanks to the presence of a drag and drop feature the theme has.  Once installed, you get 14 ready to use templates, which include blog, magazine, portfolio and story theme to create an Artistic website.

5. OceanWP

The Ocean WP is a simple and quite trendy WordPress theme for professional designers, decorative artists, photographers, and other creatives. This theme can be used in the creation of multilingual sites. It comes with various paid extensions that allow you to get good offers of the latest templates, layouts, and other customization options. It is Ecommerce supportive, providing an excellent platform for artists to sell their works.

6. Nico

Nico is an elegant, beautifully created theme for use by trendy artists and bloggers. The presence of a filterable portfolio with a grid layout allows you to display your works in a neatly decorated manner. The theme features a Social media integration option that allows you to add sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Flickr. You can always give your WordPress site a pleasant outlook and background with different customization options like custom colors, background, and header. Lastly, the theme features a custom theme panel to build your website quickly.

7. Heron

 If you are looking for a customizable, mobile-responsive theme with a spacious layout for Artist? Then chances are you looking for the Heron WordPress theme. It comes with excellent features suited for use by Artists, bloggers, and writers. To enhance the user experience, Heron comes with the best offer of full scalable images and videos. It features a custom built-in theme panel to create WordPress sites efficiently. It comes with an author box feature for sites with several authors. On the last note, Heron features a full-screen search overlay, which is just next to the navigation menu.

8. Hestia

Hestia is tagged as being a versatile WordPress theme with engaging and flexible features. These flexible features make the theme the best use for creating an underlying artist portfolio. It features a beautiful Homepage which has a large image on top.

Also, the theme is E commerce-ready and allows you to sell artworks online. On a general note, Hestia works with all available WordPress Plug-ins.

9. Ambiance Pro

You will find the use of Ambiance Pro as your best case as an artist or photographer. This Ambiance comes with a foothold on the Genesis framework. The theme comes in a grid layout that allows you to add and arrange photos in a neat pattern.

Furthermore, Ambiance Pro comes with multipage templates to create blog posts, archives, and landing pages. The presence of a live theme customizer allows you to set up your page in a short time.

10. Creativo

Creativo is an ultra-responsive and flexible WordPress theme for designing an Artistic website, Business website, descriptive portfolio, and any other type of website. The presence of a WooCommerce support feature allows adding an online store to sell products such as artworks on your website.

Besides, Creativo comes with sections to add services, photo galleries, and reviews. With Creativo, you get freebies such as slider, a live chat plug-in, and page builder.

11. Exposure

Exposure is an ultra-responsive, flexible, and stylish multi-purpose WordPress theme that has a built-in portfolio management system. The elegant and grid layout appearance makes the WordPress theme suitable for photography, fashion, reality, lifestyle, and Art websites. It features a drag and drop page builder for designing and customizing webpages the way you want.

12. Coastline

The Coastline is a unique and beautiful WordPress theme with a style-impressive design. It is a WordPress theme that comes with different page templates for creating archives, blogs, photo galleries, and portfolios.  From the outlook, you see a well customized fixed left sidebar with custom background support and an incredible grid layout system.

13. Relive

Relieve is the best option of a WordPress theme used in creating Blog-focused websites. However, it is also a suitable option for artistic sites has it offers an engaging user experience with photos and video galleries. It has unique and amazing templates for both single pages and posts. With this WordPress theme, you also get tons of free customization options with sidebars, color schemes, shortcodes, custom widgets, and many more.

14. Studio Pro

The Studio Pro is a modern WordPress theme for artists and other creatives. It is beautifully designed to support a full-screen video background on its homepage. Also, studio Pro features a variety of multiple page templates, sidebar, and transparent navigation menus on top. It is the best theme a non-tech savvy or beginner can use to showcase their works on their WordPress site.

15. Suarez

Suarez is a modern-looking WordPress theme that comes with the best features for use by bloggers, photographers, and artists. Suarez is designed to offer immersive user experience and an alluring display of Artworks and Photographs. It includes features like categories carousel, sidebar filters, and social media widgets. The homepage ships with a layout featuring a sizeable full-screen header image at the top, followed by a well-arranged grid showcasing the most important aspect of your artworks.

16. Nisarg

Nisarg is a free and stylish WordPress theme with features that are best used by artists and bloggers. It has a theme customizer feature to edit and add content easily. Do you know what’s unique? The Nisarg supports custom colors and backgrounds. It also includes numerous post formats for video and photo galleries. On the last note, Nisarg features a clean layout with two navigation menus and an image with full large width.

17. Peak

The peak WordPress theme is one of the best options of mobile responsive WordPress theme with a distinctive layout and pattern. The peak is quite suitable for use by artists, illustrators, UI/UX designers, and photographers. When it comes to showcasing your creative designs, Peak neatly arranges them is a distinctive grid layout. It comes out of the box social media integrated menu, slide-in sidebar widgets for easy and significant setup.

18. Memories

Memories is a stylish WordPress theme with amazing features suitable for setting up lifestyle, Arts, Fashion, and personal websites. With Memories, you get to showcase your designs, photographs, and other visual artworks beautifully. It includes a social media integration for adding social media accounts to your WordPress website. It comes out of the box with ready to use color schemes, layouts, customizable background, and Header support.

19. Sanremo

Sanremo comes with a minimalist and spacious layout with large featured images making it a suitable option for bloggers and Artists. It features a custom widget for embedding social media accounts. It comes with a dedicated widgets area for arraying article links at the footer. There is also the presence of a sticky navigation menu at the top of the page, which comprises various selection sections like home, WooCommerce, about, contact, and many so on.

20. Mozzy

Mozzy is a WordPress theme that provides a bright and lively background for your web content. Its bright and vivid feature makes it a pleasant use by various illustrators, graphic designers, and Photographers. It includes built-in sections for client contents, services, and portfolio. It also consists of a custom widget on its homepage layout to edit content to taste. The presence of a slider makes it efficient to slide through pages easily.

21. Draft

The draft is a typically free WordPress theme any Artist can use to showcase artworks and profile. You can use the customizer to setup all theme options. With the draft, you get to set-up welcome messages, customize color, and background support. It features a grid layout that allows you to add and arrange pictures neatly.

22. Ultra

It is an all-purpose WordPress theme that is modernized with stylish demos that are ready-made. It features a drag and drop page builder which is easy to use by non-tech savvy folks like artists in need of professional web design. It features a built-in section for a portfolio and an online e-commerce store to sell products like artworks. For high customization, ultra is packed with excellent layout choices, custom widgets, and header styles.

23. Parallax

Parallax is one of the best WordPress themes suitable for creating photography websites, arts, and Portfolios. It comes with a full range of parallax backgrounds. It ships out of the box with 40 ready to use layouts that require one-click installation. Building a WordPress site using this theme is quite easy, with the presence of a drag and drop feature to add and arrange content blocks. Besides, it comes with custom widgets for social media integration on the site created. On a general note, the parallax WordPress theme can either be used for one page WordPress sites or regular multi-page sites.

24. Presence

If you wish to boost your online presence as an Artist, Presence is the right WordPress theme for you. The WordPress theme features lots of one-click demos. It is embedded with multiple colors, styles, and layouts you can choose from. It comes with customization options that allow you to build your site in less amount of time.

25. Infinity Pro

If you desire a sleek design of a WordPress theme for your WordPress site, then it’s high time you take a look at the Infinity Pro. It comes out of the box with a drag and drop page builder to help arrange content on your website’s homepage. Infinity Pro is quite elegant, and it is intuitively perfect for creative publications such as art magazines, art galleries, and more.

26. Profile

The profile is the right WordPress theme when it comes to promoting a personal brand. It does this with the presence of a unique portfolio management system. In addition, Profile ships in social media integration for all your social media account along with a personal photo. The theme is quite undemanding to customize and comes with several templates and custom widgets.

27. It is a Wrap

With wrap as your WordPress theme, you get to display any of your video artwork. As a customizable WordPress theme, it includes several customization options, page layouts, and custom widgets. It also supports a beautiful playback popup for videos you wish to feature on your Artistic WordPress site. It comes with the best offer of 4 creative header styles, a content carousel, social media integration, and a visual page builder.

28. Eclipse

The Eclipse is a mobile responsive WordPress theme that is quite suitable for use by photographers, artists, bloggers, and other creatives. A custom widget is included to display your Instagram videos and photos. What’s unique is the fact that the theme features a beautiful slider on the homepage to showcase the latest works. Its full compatibility with Woo Commerce permits Artists to sell their works using the platform.

29. Everly

Everly is a sophisticated WordPress theme to create any website, including portfolio sites.  The WordPress theme features four different homepages, blog layouts, templates, and photo galleries. It comes with the best offer of unlimited color schemes. The Theme also integrates social media platforms to link to social networks. It also includes dedicated ad-spaces for featuring paid adverts.


With this article, I hope you have been able to find the best WordPress theme to showcase your artistic work on your WordPress site. You can take a look at the review of the best overall WordPress themes you can always use as an artist as well.

Now your next step is to select any of the suitable responsive WordPress themes today.


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