One of the important aspects of a good designer is the content of his portfolio.

Your portfolio should be filled with examples of your best and recent works if you want to win new clients. A lot of website designers lack the necessary skills to create an impressive portfolio that will attract more clients, while some designers feel that it’s not really important.

The purpose of this article is to give you a list of the best minimal WordPress themes that you can use for your website as a professional designer.

Let’s start!

Best 32 Minimal WordPress Themes

1. Anders Clean Multi-concept Portfolio Theme

If you are searching for a customizable theme with a lot of options that you can use to create a portfolio, blog, or maybe just a simple site, then you should seriously consider Anders. This amazing theme comes with 15 exciting and different homepage designs like the project showcase, vertical slider, carousel, agency, and some other ones. You will be provided with six header styles that you can select from, 12 portfolio lists, and several style blog layouts that you can use to build that perfect website. Anders comes with everything that you need including sections that display your team and pricing. To make it better, the theme works with most of the popular plugins that are available now, including WPML and WooCommerce.

2. Total

This is another fantastic theme that has been ranked to be among the top-selling themes of all time. Total is one of the perfect themes for beginners because it has a simple design that can be easily modified. It has a live customizer that allows you to tweak anything, and it also comes with layouts and modules. One of the major points of this theme is that it has up to 40 easy start demos, and the code is quite simple for any developer. 

3. Neve (Free)

If you are looking for a theme that can be used to build a clean website, then you should try Neve. This fantastic theme is free for all and works with most of the popular page builders that are available right now. Neve has full support for Gutenberg, Elementor, Beaver, Visual Composer, Divi, and some other ones. Another advantage of Neve is that it is mobile-friendly, which means that it can work on any device. But if you are not impressed with all the features, you can still upgrade to the Neve premium plan, and you will have access to other features like custom boosters for Elementor, scroll to top, WooCommerce (perfect for brands) and headers.

4. Ineco

Maybe you are searching for a theme that can work perfectly with a universal minimalist site; then, you should consider this theme. Ineco’s versatility makes it one of the top themes for anyone, and you can trust the theme to handle your needs. Easy and quick to install, works with all the popular plugins that you can think of, which makes it perfect for programmers. It comes with more than 40 custom shortcodes that will come in handy when building your website.

5. xPression

When it comes to simplicity and elegance, xPression is the best. A perfect theme for any type of blog. Whether you are want to create a blog about fashion, sport, or about yourself, xPression is the right one. You will be getting a lot of in-built pages that will make your site unique. You will have access to three Homepage styles that you can choose from, and you will also be provided with other elements like blog listing, contact, blog single, and other important ones. The theme was developed with an Elementor page builder, which makes it quite easy for anyone to use. Other features include the Live Changes Preview that you can use to see your changes before publishing.

6. Illustrate

A perfect theme for designers, this amazing theme is truly a work of art. Designed with Blaz Robar, this theme is definitely one of the best you can get right now. It comes with fantastic features that include custom post types, color-coded image overlays, and post color palettes. This is a theme that every site builder should try out.

7. Lily Daily

Maybe you are searching for a theme that is sleek with a fantastic performance level; then, I will recommend Lily. You will be provided with more than ten layouts that you can choose to use as your homepage. You will be getting other features like author pages, tags, search result pages, categories, etc. You can use all these features to make your site look as amazing as possible. Powered by  HTML5/CSS3/Bootstrap, you can rest assured that your visitors will be having a good time on your site. The theme is translation ready and comes with .pot file, which means that your site will be available worldwide.

8. Trail

A fantastic theme that is perfect for advertising your brand. Bold and exciting, easy to read, and comes with a clean layout that makes it quite appealing. Trail is one of the most responsive themes that you can find right now, which makes it very popular. It can display parallax images and come with a customizable portfolio.

9. Webion

Works perfectly with the Elementor WP Page Builder, and that means you will be getting all your widgets for free. You will have access to popular widgets like Google maps, carousel, and some other ones. Webion is among the few themes that you do not need any coding skill to use, which makes it widely acceptable. It is easy to use, and you will definitely fall in love with it.

10. Oriana

A world-class theme that is fully responsive and well designed. With a lot of customizable options that give creative people a chance to develop something unique. Oriana gives its users full access to configure the theme features like the accent color, Google fonts, and a lot more. The theme is very easy to install, and you will definitely enjoy using it.

11. Ambiance

If you are a fan of the Genesis freework, then this is for you. If you are just creating your online portfolio, you are in good hands with this theme. The theme is mobile ready and comes with a header that you can modify. It has an amazing way of displaying your beautiful images, which is perfect for use as your main portfolio.

12. Eagle

Basically designed for agencies, this amazing theme is clean and modern. Fully responsive when used on minimal WordPress sites, you can rest assured that you are using the right theme for your company. Whether your client is into photography, architecture, interior, etc., you can trust Eagle to promote your craft. It is easy to use and comes with a lot of options that you can tweak as you like.

13. Koi

A fantastic theme that is perfect for advertising your brand, the theme has a clean design and a well-designed layout, which makes it suitable for any type of website that you are trying to build. The users will be getting up to 6 free plugins with amazing CSS3 filter effects. Other features include portfolio view counter, lightbox support, and more.

14. Hazel

If you are looking for a theme that is highly customizable with full support for WooCommerce, then you should consider Hazel. You will be getting a lot of portfolio types and styles with more than 800 Google fonts. You will also be provided with page options for your dynamic sites and more than two typographic options. Works perfectly with WPML and packed with several important visual page builder elements, in-built layouts, and so much more.

15. Ink

It has an exciting look that will appeal to your visitors with its filterable portfolio template that makes it perfect. Ink provides you with full-screen background images that you can use if you are creating a site with more than a page. You will be able to use a different image for each page if you want, which is one of the important attributes of a good theme. 

16. Bookworm

If you are into writing books or publishing them, this is the right theme for you. It has a full-screen web design that ensures that all your works are shown at a glance. The design is neat, and the layout makes it possible to quickly show the details of your work and upcoming books. You will also be getting features like author profile, sections where published books can be displayed, author’s blog, upcoming books section, etc.

17. North

Neat, Bold, and Modern, the North theme is an amazing one that you can trust to display your work beautifully. It comes with custom widgets for social media platforms like Twitter, Flickr, which makes it very easy for people to view your work. You will be provided with custom theme galleries that will make it easy for you to add your content.

18. Mindelo

Another fantastic theme that is packed with the Visual Composer Drag & Drop Page Builder and the Slider Revolution Plugin that ensures that its users have all they need. Mindelo is one of the few themes that come with a Multilingual plugin, and this means that if you are building a site that will be accessed internationally, you will find this plugin quite useful. Mindelo was developed on Bootstrap, which is one of the most widely used for developing sites.

19. Spaces

A neat and modern theme that you can trust, Spaces is a fantastic minimal WordPress theme with extensive features. Basically designed for designers that are willing to advertise their personal brands. It has full support for WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads, which makes it a top one to consider.

20. Camila

If you are searching for a theme with a high readability level, then you should try out Camilla. The theme is perfect for your blogs, journals, or magazines. The design is simple, and it ensures that your content is getting the right traffic. For example, if you are into photography, you can use the theme to display your works without having any knowledge of coding.

21. Savoy

This theme is fun to use, and you will be able to post your products without any hassle. All you need to do is add your content, and they will be shown on a neat and simple grid-style layout. This ensures that anyone that is interested in your product or work will be able to see everything without reloading a page.

22. Narya

Designed to cater for all your creative ideas, Naya is definitely a top one. Works perfectly with your social media platforms, supports WooCommerce, and includes sharing buttons and ad management features. Naya has a neat interface with an easy to read typography and to make it more appealing, and it comes with sliders that can be used to display what you are advertising in an attractive way. You will also be getting the Naya Theme Options Panel that you can use to modify the theme as you want.

23. Volta

Volta is another fantastic option that comes with three main screen variations. You can choose the style that you want people to see when they visit your website. The theme has amazing and unique minimal portfolios that are fully operational.

24. Neonix

If you own a company or an agency, Neonix is one of the perfect themes for your brand. It is perfect for web studios, personal blogs, content building, etc. The design is quite modern, and you do not need any coding knowledge to get the best out of the theme, you can make use of the sample demo to get your website up in minutes.

25. KEO

This is another fantastic theme that is perfect for web agency, store, photography, creative agencies, and more. The KEO theme was designed with the amazing Qoob builder, and you will definitely fall in love with its simplicity. It comes with a lot of options that you can customize as you want and has a robust online documentation that you can use to create your next website in minutes.

26. Reveal

If you are looking for a minimal WordPress theme with quick response time and customizable features, then you should check out Reveal. The theme is quite neat and modern, so you can be sure that you are using one of the best themes for your project. It comes with the popular ajax feature that makes it more exciting. You will also be getting slideshow options, custom widgets that you can use on your next project.

27. Chela

Chela is an easy to use, minimal theme that is suitable for agencies and creative minds. It has a quick response time and works perfectly on a lot of devices. You will have full access to Advanced Custom Fields, which is the right choice for anyone that is looking for flexibility when building a WordPress site. You will also have access to features like the Owl V2/Carousel touch-enabled jQuery plugin that you can use to create a stunning responsive carousel slider.

28. Grafix

The theme is quite sleek and neat, which makes it perfect for professionals. You will be able to fully display your best works, and you can also make it as personal ass you want. Most of its features are highly customizable.

29. Moroseta

When you subscribe to the Moroseta minimal WordPress theme, you will be provided with five different blog layouts and up to 4 single posts layouts, which means you will have a lot of options to choose from. With the custom slider, you will be able to decorate your posts as you like, and you can also use the Live Customizer feature to make your posts more exciting. Moroseta works perfectly with the most popular plugins like WooCommerce, MailChimp, Jetpack, Contact Form 7 and some other ones.

30. Tag

A fantastic minimal WordPress theme with simple customization options like the accent colors, Google fonts, color schemes, etc. You will also be provided with custom widgets, page templates, styled post formats, and some other ones that you can use to make your posts look neat and simple.

31. Inspiro

Basically designed to meet the needs of photographers, although you can still use it if you are not a professional photographer. It has a fantastic list of options, which include full-screen slideshows, galleries, and works perfectly with WooCommerce.

32. Origin

A fantastic minimal WordPress with a simple grid layout that is perfect for displaying your work. This theme is mobile-ready, which means that visitors can fully view your content on any device. You will also be getting a lot of options and features that you can use to make your website to be unique.


We’ve provided you with more than 30 minimal WordPress themes that you can use at any time on any WordPress site. There are some free WordPress themes that are quite good, like the Elegant free WordPress theme, Pronto free theme, or the Photo free WordPress theme.

The major difference is that you won’t be getting the premium features that come with a paid theme.


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