In this Divi theme review, I will outline the features of the Divi theme & builder, will give you a clear picture of the importance of the theme when it comes to WordPress website building.

Created by Elegant Themes, Divi is an excellent multi-purpose theme that you can use on any WordPress website.

With its headquarters located in San Francisco, Elegant Themes is one of the trusted names when it comes to WordPress website building with more than ten years of WordPress support for its customers.

Divi Theme Review

Signing up for the Elegant theme membership plan will give you access to 2 theme packages (Divi and Extra) and you will also be getting to 2 plugins (Bloom and March) but you will only need to pay for a single package, impressive right? Also, you will be getting a wide range of Divi website packs that will make it possible to launch your next website without going through the stress of building it from scratch.

Main features of Divi Theme

When you sign up for the Elegant Themes membership, you will be provided with two different Divi packages, there is the Divi theme, and then you will still get the Divi builder which is a plugin. The plugin makes it easier to build your WordPress website. If you prefer a fully customizable theme, then you should go for the Divi theme, but if you prefer using a different type of theme that has a drag and drop builder, then the Divi builder is the right one.

The Divi builder has a default editor that allows you to drag and drop rows, columns, elements, modules that you can use to create your own personal layout. This ensures that you can easily create your own website in minutes without writing a single code.

Divi Builder Interface

With the Divi builder interface, you can easily remove or add any module from your layout with a single click. Even if you are building a website for the first time, the modules are clearly named to make it easy. The advantage of using the Divi default editor is that it allows you to see everything about your website. It’s like building the blocks of your own website theme.

Ready to Use Layouts

In terms of layouts, the Divi Theme provides a good number of ready to use packs. With these packs, the work has been done for you. You just need to pick the perfect one for your website. If you are not interested in building a new design for your website, then the best thing is to use one of these layouts. All you need to do is choose the right package from the library and you can then import it to WordPress and customize it the way you want.

Divi Layouts Library

Each pack of the layout is designed for a particular type of website, and with each pack, you will be provided with up eight pages of layouts that are specifically designed for that type of website. All you have to do is import the layout and then start creating your website. There are different categories of layouts such as Technology, Fashion and Beauty, Services, Health & Fitness etc. You just need to pick the one that is relevant to the type of website that you want to build.

Divi Yoga Layout

In addition to the Divi Design Initiative, the company has promised to be adding a new layout pack from time to time. There is also the module that serves as the building blocks in Divi themes. These modules are also known as elements. You will be allowed to add up to 46 content modules to any of your website pages.

These elements include galleries, videos, social buttons, call to action, portfolio, and some other ones. To add a content module, you can easily drag it to a page or you can use the Live Preview feature by clicking on the (+) icon, then navigate to your preferred module and then click on it.


When you are using WordPress to create your site, you will need to click on the Preview option that will open a new window to see what you are creating. However, with Divi’s Live Preview, you can basically see what you are building while you are still building it.

This amazing feature makes it possible for you to modify colors, fonts, style while you are still building. This will definitely be a feature that beginners will find very handy. In addition, Divi offers two options for customizing your theme (Default Editor or Visual Builder); you can pick anyone that you prefer, or you can use both at the same time.

Divi’s Plugin Compatibility

Maybe you are interested in starting an eCommerce website, Divi also works with WooCommerce, which is one the most widely accepted eCommerce plugins in the market right now. The combination of a Divi online store layout and a WooCommerce plugin is all you need to create your perfect online store.

You can be sure that your online store will look amazing on any device, and you can also use other important features that come with all the pages that are required to sell your products such as the cart and the checkout page.

Divi Security

One of the important factors to consider before applying anything on your website is how safe it is. A flaw in the security of your WordPress theme can really affect the overall security of your website, especially the personal details of your customers.

Divi Pricing

In terms of package pricing, Divi offers two basic plans, Yearly Access, and Lifetime Access. The most popular package is the Yearly Access and you will need to pay $89 per year to have full access for a year, or you can go for the Lifetime Access package by paying $249 for a lifetime access to the features and updates. It’s nice to know that both packages will give you access to all the features which include theme updates, premium support, unlimited website usage and a top-notch security level.

Customer Support

An excellent customer support system is one of the important factors that you need to consider when purchasing anything online. Elegant Themes has a world-class staff who are always ready at any time to assist their customers. There is also a rich knowledge base on their website that answers a lot of frequently asked questions that you can easily use.


After going through all the fantastic features that the theme offers, it’s safe to say that Divi is the perfect choice if you want to build a new WordPress website with ease.


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